a letter to my beloved young sons,

You will witness through your upcoming years of maturation the mystical, magical, powerful ways of girls. One thing you must learn about them, and learn quite soon, is they like to twirl. They like to go round and round and round and round until their skirts elevate, their feet feel clumsy and their brain gets bubbly.  All hail the power of Twirling!

Some think it's the desire to be dizzy. 

Others think it's a feeling of falling in love. Hello Gillie Bean from Practical Magic

Most think it's the expression of youth, a sensation of being light-on-your feet and ever-so-free; angelic & flying and glory be, the fireworks of first-time blooming discovery!  Many a matured woman have stared at a girl endlessly twirling, not due to envy but for longing of their own simple past; the freedom to spend all days running, exploring and twirling.

I, personally, think it's because they want to wind so high they'll reach the sky. 

My dear sons, however old or mature you are when you read this letter, there's one thing you must remember always: no matter a girl, a woman or a lady…you must catch her when she falls.  Love her for her true being.  Help strengthen her willpower, her opinion, her inquisitive nature and her sense of self.  Allow her to do the same for you.  Always remind her to twirl and please, spin-up-to-the-sky with her.  And never, above all else, be intimidated by her power. 

She is your equal and she is the future.  As are you, my dear sons. 

I love you & your glorious generation.

love, your mama


a letter written for my two young sons, aged 4 & 6, on April 9, 2017

"a girl twirling" by Maximus & Mama, April 11, 2017

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