Tina Teigen takes us behind the Christmas stage...


Who’s excited for tomorrow night’s premier of A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy? We love a good holiday romp around the suburbanite Christmas tree and we KNOW John Legend & Chrissy Teigen will bring the joy-tastic escapade with jingle bells ringing!

Lucky for us, VEGASMAMA Tina Teigen, Chrissy’s older sister, is gifting us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their family fun celebration. Filmed on Halloween Day, 2018, three generations of hawt Teigens were present as Tina slung drinks behind the Legendary Christmas bar…just as she did for her parents as a seven-year old when she wielded margaritas for their cocktail hour! Tina’s daughter Pasha and her cousin, Luna Legend, trick-or-treated around the Exec offices at Universal in-between filming; oh, the joy of celebrating Halloween & Christmas in ONE day…a real-life children’s fantasy come true.

Thanksgiving 2018 doubled as a Legendary Christmas viewing party for the family in Beverly Hills, they filled their bellies with Chrissy’s tastiest, homemade vittles then burned it off laughing at each other’s holiday shenanigans. Tina described the feast as “low key” but if you know anything about this family you know they do low key with extraordinary style.

We’ve been listening to John Legend’s A Legendary Christmas for days now and his velvety smooth, soul swinging, engaging-upon-every-verse voice has us vibing with the holidays like a leg lamp coming out of the Fragilé box.  Mr. Legend, your Christmas album is one of our favorites and thank you for gifting our youngest generation new songs to remember “when they were released.”  Memories new & old, with family & friends that are family, gratitude to the Legend/Teigen Family for bringing us your holiday cheer and making our world jollier.  And merrier.  And tastier. And funnier.  And sexier.  And brighter. And…

A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy airs this Wednesday, 11/28/18 @ 10/9c on NBC. Set your DVRs. Set your ical. Set your reminders! VEGASMAMAS can’t hardly wait!


Tina, as always VEGASMAMAS loves you and your entire family. Thank you for gifting us the gift of legendary images, we loved them upon first glance.