VEGASMAMAS™ Ode to Lisa Bonet

I’ve always found the statement Behind Every Great Man there’s a Great Woman” to be an archaic thought and a bit of an eye-roll, right?  The phrase appears to be all about the man being super-duper with his little woman sidekick…or at least it did to me especially in my teens & twenties.  As I’ve matured through my decades of life, married my husband and co-created our children I’ve realized this statement couldn’t be more true.  Conversely and ever-so-appropriately, let’s add “Behind Every Great Woman there’s a Great Man.”  

If you don’t have the energetic & engaging support of your partner it can cause awful self-havoc.  Whenever I stub my toe, get a paper cut or feel at whit’s end it’s almost always when my husband and I are disjointed;

no matter the disagreement I ultimately crave our realignment.

As I write this, Lenny Kravitz is on my turntable going round & round as he’s done since the early ’90’s; I love his style, his soul-breaking ballads, his nonchalant cool and his let’s f-ing rock out but be ever-so-humble i love my MAMA mantra.  The first I heard of him was when he dated Lisa Bonet and they had their beautiful babe Zoe (hello gorgeous modern millennial orchid) and he’s been with me ever since.  Evolution is key with Mr. Kravitz and I feel somewhat blessed to have witnessed such a diversely divine rise, he went from furred-out-hippie to full-on-international-rockstar with Lisa Bonet by his side.

I dated a man who had a previous relationship with Lisa Bonet, ironically both of our time with him lasted one year and I always found that chapter of him somewhat intimidating; Bonet seems to have this dynamic magic unmastered by the masses…she’s like a fairy sprinkled with fountain of youth dust and a dash of so-cool-it-hurts edge with a zest of I’ve-got-you-babe-it’s-all-good verve.

Which brings me to Khal Drogo.  Does anyone know of him?  Well, if you don’t you should.  Jason Momoa.  This 6’4 knife-wielding, rock-climbing, ohana-loving, wife-worshipping, Guinness-drinking stud was King of Land then Sea, first in Game of Thrones and second in the upcoming Aquaman.  He’s a believer of the wolf-pack, his career has sky-rocketed these past few years and, who may I ask, is the woman behind him?  Lisa Bonet.  Who does Lenny Kravitz still regard as his “best friend” during his past-decade’s metamorphosis from international rockstar into a serious actor & in-demand designer?  Yep, Lisa Bonet. 

It’s not a false, one-hit wonder type of stardom it’s legitimate, healthy, strong, humbled, gracious, gloriously big steps in their thriving superstardom; enabled to reach the highest echelons of their passion.  I know Jason Momoa is a newbie to the big leagues but I swear, that man has authentic sticking power; he’s tough with the boys, gentle with the ladies, adoring with his children, hot with his wife and...

howls for Guinness like a starved wolf set free of a chokehold after a long winter’s night.

What does she do?  Really, what is this thing she does so well?  Meditate with them while chanting their greatness?  Worship them on bended knee while kicking them in the arse to better themselves?  Whisper Shakespearian sweet nothings into their ear to engage thyself and thyself’s future humbled greatness under clouds of smoke & truth? 

A Wind Goddess effortlessly blowing her tribe to their chosen path, she certainly plants a garden with their seed and, my goodness, does it grow.  

Shout out to the woman who wields her magic not only on herself but on her tribe as well, a ray of sunshine that literally brings out the brightest lights of her family so they can step into their beaming potential.  Like all of us VEGASMAMAS™ out there…it’s not what she’s done wrong, it’s what she’s done right


Praise to you, woman, Lilakoi Moon.  

And to you, all my fellow VEGASMAMAS™…and beyond.

I see you.


words and drawings by Desiree Dawn Solis

All words & photos copyright VEGASMAMAS™, 2017 (unless otherwise noted).  All rights reserved.  besos.