MAMA Triangle by Patricio Solis for VEGASMAMAS, 2017, 11" x 14", mixed media on paper

VEGASMAMAS is launching a new fine art series,  The VEGASMAMAS SHAPES SERIES, beginning today with a new SHAPE set to debut on the last Sunday of every month.

As we begin to harness the complexity of MAMAS through geometry, we theorize that some are square, some are triangular, some are round...there are a myriad of shapes (and shape combinations) just as there are a myriad of MAMAS. For our first ever VEGASMAMA SHAPE, artist Patricio Solis (and founder Desiree’s husband) harnessed the depth of a MAMA Triangle; they might be considered sharp by some but, as is the shape of a 3-legged table, they’re the strongest in support, require little help & are most minimal in function with direct, de-fluffed communication; they’re easy to see yet challenging to embrace, they hold so much on their own accord, are forever dependable & loyal and fit together well with other Triangular MAMAS but, let’s remember, all shapes are meant to coexist together.

We will catch the essence of our fellow MAMAS through this SHAPES SERIES and all work together in understanding & appreciating not only our talents but our differences, no matter how drastic they might be.

VEGASMAMAS loves all shapes, all sizes, all styles and all combinations.  You are all so beautiful to us.








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