The Wonder of VEGASMAMAS™

MAMA always present
up close or from afar
the moon to their crescent
we shine light on their star

we soothe when they cry
we listen for midnight creaks
we are their earth and sky
strong even when weak

we are their shields
protectors galore
golden eagle sealed
cuffs and stars adorned

we teach grace to their spirit
we instruct with honed wisdom
at times, they don’t adhere it
our blessed little kingdom

the wonder of our seeds
VEGASMAMAS™ to the core
sailing through goldfields
together we soar!
— Desiree Dawn Solis of ©

The "ONE" poem I began writing last night turned into three and, as I grew up in the generation of Wonder Woman Worship, it felt only appropriate to parlay the first-ever cinematic version with our current MAMA selves.  Really looking forward to seeing this movie.