TiTi & Michael soar with Chrissy's Pan Am Experience

VEGASMAMA: Tina Teigen


What do you do when your sister is Chrissy Teigen and she wants to celebrate her 32nd birthday in full retro, sixties Come Fly with Me 747 regalia?  VEGASMAMA Tina Teigen, with her beloved Las Vegas Neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Seiff, had a gas with their own golden age of travel glitz & glam; they purchased the most divine of attire (TiTi, we see those fabulous feathers, girl) and hopped on the grounded yet lofty Pan Am Experience.

It made you wish you grew up in that era, when men were men and sex appeal oozed. Everyone went for full authenticity with their vintage clothes and accessories, and you really felt like you were jetting off somewhere exotic. It was such a spectacle when the stewardesses and pilots arrived; like the days when it was a big deal to be a flight attendant and you oohed and awed when you saw how elegant they were. They were like Victoria’s Secret models now. I kept saying “This is an era I was meant to grow up in!”
— Tina Teigen

Thank you to VEGASMAMA Tina Teigen and her man, Michael, VEGASMAMAS loves this behind-the-scenes look at an internationally covered event!  VEGASMAMAS toasts the birthday girl in all her pregnant glory.  Catch them if you can!


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