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VEGASMAMA: Amanda Kouretas

Amanda Kouretas' reaction to her husband, Demetri Kouretas', speech at her "Come on Barbie, Let's go Party!" Birthday bash held on Vintner Grill's patio during our Vegas' September-perfect-weather-night.  Wish upon a star.


Does she really look like that?  In person?  Yes, she does.  You must need a lot of filters to look that flawless.  No, you don't.  You mean these are all unedited, raw images?  Yes, they are.  

Welcome to the World of Amanda Kouretas, where the hair is golden, the gowns have trains and the fabulousness needs its own zip code.  Amanda is a VEGASMAMA living la vida loca; a real life super-blonde-barbie-Vegas-bombshell with nearly 28k Instagram followers and wrapped, flowing pantsuits that make any woman crave a little sweat at Lifetime.  That said, she’s funny as hell and always has a witty, edgy response to her glam endeavors.  Amanda doesn’t take herself too seriously and VEGASMAMAS likes it that way.  One of her favorite quotes is “Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns” and she certainly follows that mantra.

"Amanda's one of the most misunderstood women you'll ever meet," her friend tells me, "people who don't know her think she's nothing-but-fake but really she's an intelligent, thoughtful, incredibly generous girl who loves her fellow women, supports them and wants everyone to succeed."  Another tells me, "Her world revolves around her husband, their three kids & family...and tacos!"  Mrs. Nevada America 2011 wears an invisible crown wherever she goes, visiting her fav Starbuck's drive-thru or tormenting her three children on her Instagram stories as the dorky mama (yeah right) hiding under her Plumsauce Bling and aviators and, of course, enjoying her twelfth consecutive year as a Room Parent.  Demetri Kouretas, her husband and CEO/co-owner of The Grove , and Amanda have been together for 17 years; they travel together, work together building their empire and, most importantly, raise their village together; Nicholas, age 14, Christian, age 10, and Alexandra, Miss Nevada Junior High America 2017, just turned 12 (happy birthday, Alexandra!).  This is one larger-than-life woman with a penchant for fairy dust, fun and living each moment to the absolute fullest...rather, Barbie-est. 

Seventy of her nearest & dearest girlfriends were in attendance for her "Come on Barbie, Let's go Party" 43rd Birthday Celebration and, let me tell you, it was a thing of beauty to watch this graceful Queen move through the masses.  Amanda spent fair and equal time with each guest with authenticity and gratitude.  Let's put the Barbie aside and concentrate on the woman that is Amanda Kouretas, a woman with the awareness, stamina, attention to detail and absolute tenacity to honor her fellow-woman and dust them all with a little Barbie sparkle.  As Amanda and her girlfriend, Deana Linn, posed for my camera, the first thing out of Amanda was "what's your best side?"  I exclaimed, "now that's a true girlfriend!".  It was Amanda's night, her celebration yet she put her friend first; even in a gesture as small as a photo-preference...Amanda's aware and always present.  Just imagine what she does for our community on a larger scale.  Her passion lies in her philanthropic efforts and tells me "it's my thing," and what a big thing it is...she has raised more than one million dollars for our Las Vegas Community.  Now that's a well-rounded Barbie.  More to come on this VEGASMAMA in the upcoming months...

sidenote:  when I asked Amanda if I could disclose her age, she said, "yes, you can say my age, of course!"  how rad is that?  #loveher

I wrote a poem for Amanda's birthday gift but I'll save that for another post (and our lunch together!), as of now let's enjoy her birthday party hosted on the patio of Vintner Grill and all the amazing Barbies who were in attendance to celebrate our ultimate VEGASMAMA Barbie!  Please feel free to share these images!  VEGASMAMAS loves you.


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Darling Amanda, thank you, friend, for inviting VEGASMAMAS to be a part of your enchanted, pink celebration.  I had a ball.  You are an inspiration, my fellow  GATE  sister!  So much love to you and the family.  -Desiree

Darling Amanda, thank you, friend, for inviting VEGASMAMAS to be a part of your enchanted, pink celebration.  I had a ball.  You are an inspiration, my fellow GATE sister!  So much love to you and the family.  -Desiree

this is what seventeen years of marriage, three kids and building a "Fempire" looks like.

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