Come fly with SUPAMAN

injecting our world with a positive, artistic, spiritual existence; a neon lit, electrified, fancy-dancing, rapping Healer.




Imagine yourself warmed by the fire, the fire in which you built.  The shadow of your Ancestors dancing around your heated circle; beads bonded to supple hunted leather,  feathers soaring up to the spirits, ink of harvested paint on their bodies.  Your hip hop masters are present, too, rapping whims, circumnavigating wisdom of their own hood, bestowed in three stripes of claimed symbology, diving into their eternal devotion of their ghetto’s generational teachings. 

You listen. You take heed. You absorb. 

Skateboarder friends are there, too; getting dirty, gliding the smoothness of paved yet cracked Mad Men pathways, riding every openness and every earthly delicate bounce with delight; a haven for lost boys who have the need for speed and desire to glide through their urban jungles; fearlessly sweating through their own divide as they find a railing within to escape, a black&white photo to take, a flour-wrapped concoction to devour. 

Dreamcatching within this hot circle, everyone thriving by your shared fire, relaying stories passed on from generation-to-generation; the smoke hails infinite possibilities of transcribing experience.  We all see.  What we must be.  And become.  Together, as one.  Around this Supacircle Universal co-habitation.  Evolution is happening, praying for all, the wisdom of self & healing & Village & storytelling & powwow.

Meet SUPAMAN. A Montana Native American Apsáalooke hip-hop artist hailing from the Crow Agency, Montana.  I play his Prayer Loop Song video.  And Why.  SUPAMAN raps, sings & dances in his fancy dress.  We listen.  Over & over & over again.  Maximus, my eldest and Native of Santa Fe, is hypnotized.  For Patricio, my husband of Aztec descent, tells me his "blood comes alive".  Viggo, my youngest, is enraptured.  I, myself, feel I’m seeing my ancestors of North Dakotan Flathead Tribe for the first time.

A circle of life. We are all present. We are all we.  Play this for your family, expose them to this brilliant light.  Supaman, you have just begun.  Just remember to play it loud.  And on full-screen.


VEGASMAMAS asked Christian Takes The Gun, aka SUPAMAN, a few questions:

what's your vision from yesterday, today and into tomorrow?  My vision is to inspire and motivate people to prayer with music. I believe prayer is the place where positive action is birthed. Also, to just be a healthy example of a human being as an artist.

are your children interested in your musical heritage, what do you share with them?  any favorites?  My kids are Apsáalooke and Blackfeet.  They are familiar with the culture mostly on the Apsáalooke side, and are exposed to much cultural and traditional music from powwow, to peyote, handgame, district songs, prayer songs etc. that are all a part of the culture. 

one of our favorite scenes in “Smoke Signals” is about Arlene's magical fry bread, what magical, favorite food does your family cook at home?  When it comes to food, I'm a fan of all of it. lol. But traditional food at home would of course be buffalo, deer meat, june berry pudding, kidneys and dry meat stew. 

much gratitude to SUPAMAN.  When VEGASMAMAS visits Montana, we'd love to share a moment with you & your family!  check out SUPAMAN'S Instagram, YouTube & Facebook for more.


SUPAMAN in traditional Native American fancy dress, crafted by his matriarchs, dancing in the natural, vibrant light of Mother Nature juxtaposed by the metropolis backdrop of our concrete&steel, cold&engineered current culture; a metaphor of who is SUPAMAN, riding the rails of cyber promotion injecting our world with a positive, artistic, spiritual existence; a neon lit, electrified, fancy-dancing, rapping Healer.

words by Desiree Dawn Solis, 1/22/2018

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