Cache's 5th Birthday, Riding in BMX Style

Lots of slopes beyond these ropes on which to glide...


July 17, 2017, changed a four-year old boy's life forever.  That was the first time he rode a BMX track in his MAMA's hometown of Santa Barbara, on a vacation-whim, and the boy, Cache Malan, was hooked.  Aurora Malan, Cache's mama, said "his passion only grew from there, we're so happy, he's found his thing."  A trophy winner already, what better place to host his fifth birthday than at our local Ed Fountain Park BMX Raceway?  In true Vegas style, this park is rated one of the Top Ten BMX Tracks in the country.  

The track is run by a local family and is open T, W, Th to the public (you pay a nominal fee).  Practice & Motos (races) are held at night, after school, usually 6-8:ish pm.  You bring your kids, your picnic, even their homework.  It's run in heats so there's downtime but plenty of family time, the BMX environment is very family-oriented and Aurora, although new to the park, tells me "it's a family sport, the coolest family runs the track, we always have so much fun.  It's something we can all do together."  Spectators are always welcome, including children who want to watch for the first time.  Aurora says "it grows, he's obsessed, Cache could ride on this track from sunrise to sundown."  Sounds pretty fabulous, doesn't it? 


An ocean in the Mojave except the slopes are waves and the bike is your surfboard.


Annual USA BMX membership per rider is $65/year, daily fee is $10 and, get this, if you want to rent out the track it's only $60/hour (prices subject to change so call first).  Can you stand it?  Imagine, you rent out the park for two hours on a weekend with 5 friends, you're only paying $20. each for two hours of custom fun!  You can play music, set-up a bounce house, bring some's yours for that time.  The best deal in town.  Your membership is valid across the nation at all BMX affiliated parks.  Ed Fountain Park also offer clinics during the week.


this is a kid's utopia.  

...and fun for parents, too.

and then Kona Ice and L&L BBQ arrived. . .


The Malan Family hired our local favorite, Kona Ice, for the beginning of the party, a fabulous food truck that also partakes in school fundraisers (my son loves his school's "Kona Ice Day").  Sweetened with stevia and nutritiously inclined with added vitamins, this is a snow-cone parents need not dread a sugar hangover.  Kids pick their flavors (Tiger's Blood!  Monkey Business!  Ninja Cherry!) and self-dispense, you know how much they yearn to self-serve.  The Malans also used L&L Hawaiian Barbecue catering which sent my husband into a meat-eaters utopia, he devoured their BBQ Beef (I've never eaten red meat, he eats enough for the both of us!).  Sadly I didn't get photos of the feast; beef, chicken, rice, grilled cabbage, mac&chz and deep fried Hawaiian bread decadence.  Yum.  Even the GRANDVEGASMAMAS were there, both Adam & Aurora's mamas were in attendance.  This felt like a house party, intimate and unassuming and totally special.


"Happy Birthday to Cache!" was sung then cupcakes were served... 

Holding up his age in fingers, a full-hand now!  Covered in red cupcake icing, of course.

VEGAMAMA Aurora with her family; Birthday Boy Cache, now 5 years old, papa Adam Malan, VEGASMAMA Aurora & Sierra Malan.

and the kids bounced off all that sugar...

VEGASMAMAS' portrait: the end of the day is reserved for candy-overload, exhaustion-that-hits-in-a-flash-as-they-beg-to-stay and pleading for no naps and no baths. epic Cache Celebration for all!

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