#AVAFEST with VEGASMAMA™ Nicole Tomlinson

photo by Trevizo Photography.  VEGASMAMAS embellishments.


Here in Las Vegas we have pretty fantastic kid parties.  They’re off the hook.  Really.  I’ve experienced live kangaroos jumping from hoodies, multiple in-tandem bouncy houses turned into a backyard water slide park, mermaids as lifeguards, fanciful visits to The North Pole, customized lightning bolt trucker hats, real-life choo-choos encircling a hilltop neighborhood and tasted desserts that will make you crave another without a care in the world that you shouldn’t eat gluten and you’ll be asked if you’re pregnant come Monday.

I think it’s partly because parents want to give their children the best party they can muster, partly because we’re now a Pinterest society and everyone has upped their aesthetic hosting ante and, finally, because we live in Las Vegas…

the land of transcendent facades, world-renowned entertainment and never-ending fantasy; we party and we party well.

Enter Nicole Tomlinson.  This uber-talented VEGASMAMA is not only a full-time luxury realtor with Shapiro & Sher she creates the most epic of parties for her daughter, Ava. I’m talking event planner status with not one iota overlooked.  I say this with complete confidence because, through the years, we’ve enjoyed three of her shin-digs and it’s the same across the board: thematic truth always, great ambiance, thoughtful touches, kid-friendly magic moments to keep littles engaged & occupied, crafted libations, covetable food and enchanting take-home goodness.


The elegant Tomlinson Family.  photo by Trevizo Photography.


Like all VEGASMAMAS™ (and beyond!) Nicole brings the creativity, sweat, hard work, vision, love & emotional value into her child’s once-a-year, all-too-fleeting occasion and turns it into a gloriously seized moment.  Every party is different.  Every party is amazing.  The planning.  The vision.  The intention.  The CELEBRATION.  The connection to her child-in-their-now.  When all that hard work comes alive and is curated in such a magical way where kids are elated, parents are relaxed and nobody wants it to end; to sing "Happy Birthday" while standing with the mama, papa & their family, celebrating their greatest creation, is a gift unto all of us guests.


Welcome to #AVAFEST.


Perfectly staged.

Think Coachella with a dash of Finding Neverland and a pinch of old-time circus royalty blended with new Las Vegas magnificence and a splash of old-school western cool cinched by the love and excitement that are the parental units & hosting magicians, Nicole & Neal Tomlinson.  Delightfully set in their community's park.  Teepees abound.  Charming sitting areas aplenty (complete with parasols, poufs & pom-pom blankets).  Game stations + prize station.  A dino excavating & birdhouse painting station. Braid/flower/golden-tattoo bar.  The birthday girl's gift teepee.  A Caricature Artist.  An adult bar + kid bar with all the fixings (including AVAFEST straws & AVAFEST water), kid-friendly cactus statues, motorized kittie scooters encircling the party, a BBQ station (pulled pork sammie and coleslaw!) + a food truck (with the best elote I've ever enjoyed, thank you, Frankie) and a 12' tall clown that seemed all too normal. You guys, it was a magnificent celebration.  The elements were astounding!


Let's enjoy sweet Ava's 4th birthday...

photo by Trevizo Photography.  VEGASMAMAS embellishments.

photo by Trevizo Photography.

Grandpapa with his grandgirl, Ava.  Photo by Trevizo Photography.


One of my biggest take-aways from AVAFEST were two photos, moments captured in-time yet forever relevant and alive.  To Mama & Papa Tomlinson, because of this party you have gifted my family something we have yet to experience in our six years together…you have gifted us a perfect family portrait.  Raw.  True.  Everyone looking at the camera.  Grassy knoll, western background.  A perfect photo is not defined by the professionally-pressed clothing & freshly shorn hair rather it’s the feeling as the photo was taken.  We were all so content.  And happy celebrating Ava’s 4th year.  For this, the photo will live on through the years as an epic occassion in my family's Book of Life.



#AVAFEST, the contributors:

Trevizo Photography 

Frankie's Ice Cream Trucks

When Pigs Fly Events by Kelley Morgan  - decor

A Way of Life Productions aka AWOL - foam decor

Milk Bar - sprinkles birthday cake (they're also located in The Cosmopolitan)

Pam's Custom Creations - food & cupcakes

Balloons with a Twist 

Tons of items from Etsy and lots of brainstorming on Pinterest


 photo by Trevizo Photography.

Thank you to Nicole, Neal & Ava for inviting us to partake in this marvelous festival.  We loved celebrating Ava in all her fourth birthday glory!  Nicole, you are an absolutely amazing VEGASMAMA.

most photos above by the highly talented Debbie Trevizo of Trevizo Photography.  words & uncredited photos by Desiree.  click below to share or leave a comment!